How to Install Windows 10 From Flash Drive

Created On: 2020-09-15 Updated On: 2020-09-15



  1. Create GPT partition on the flash drive. If it comes with BIOS partition table, you may recreate partition table in GPT. Please backup your data to other devices before you modify partition table on your flash drive.

    Create at least the following two partitions:

    • FAT32, 3GiB or more
    • NTFS, 6GiB for Win 10 2004. Must be big enough to store all files on windows 10 ISO

    Mark the FAT32 partition as bootable/active. Other partitions can be created as you wish. I usually partition the rest disk space to exfat, since this format can be accessed on all major OS.

  2. Copy installer files to FAT32 and NTFS partition. You can do this in existing Windows or Linux system. See How to Install Windows 10 From Hard Drive for copy instructions.
  3. Boot the computer from flash drive in UEFI mode. Follow Windows 10 setup GUI.
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