How to Install Win 10 From Hard Drive

Created On: 2016-06-11

There are two ways to prepare the disk.

I have used the first way successfully. This is recommended on newer system that supports UEFI. Note that under BIOS/MBR, max partition size is 2TB.


  1. Make sure booting from UEFI is supported by motherboard and enabled.
  2. Convert disk to use GPT partition.
  3. Create a partition and format it as FAT32.

    When doing partition, leave free space (e.g. 120G) at the beginning for win 10. Do not create the FAT32 filesystem as the first partition, as win 10 needs two partitions for boot and C: drive. The installer will create those.

  4. Copy files in win 10 installer ISO to the FAT32 file system.

    Step 2 to 4 can be done using gparted live CD or usb drive.

  5. Reboot computer, choose boot device from boot menu.

    The disk containing the FAT32 file system should appear in the list, choose it.

  6. The win 10 installer will appear soon. Follow the instructions.
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