The Units Tool in Linux

Created On: 2016-10-23

GNU Units can be used for many things. It is such a useful tool that I always install it on any linux node.

Here is how I use it:

You may have notice some units are not built-in. Units allow you to define your own units very easily. Here is my ~/.units file:

word    !
words   1 word

rmb     !
cny     rmb
hkd     0.83 rmb
usd     6.51 rmb
euro    7.41 rmb
eur     euro
jpy     0.058283 rmb
inr     0.097 rmb
rs      inr
sgd     4.75 rmb
s$      sgd

request !
req     request
r       request
tps     req/s

core    !

You can define basic unit by using '!', you can define unit alias, you can define conversion. See man units for more information.

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