How to Schedule a Date After Year 2038 in org-mode?

Created On: 2020-03-23

When you schedule a date in org-mode via C-c C-s or M-x org-schedule, you can't type a date that is after year 2038. Year 2038 problem is a known problem in computer science. In this Emacs org-mode case, you may read more about the date issue in C-h v org-read-date-force-compatible-dates and Info: (org) Timestamps. In fact org-mode does support year after 2038 in any Emacs build, you just have to use a different syntax:

Instead of:

SCHEDULED: <2040-03-24>

You would write:

SCHEDULED: <%%(diary-date 2040 3 24)>

The order of year, month, day depends on calendar-date-style variable, you may change it by Emacs function calendar-set-date-style.

Create a helper function to help insert this kind of date should not be difficult. I will leave it another time because I don't need these dates very often. By the time it matters, I think org-mode will have better support for this kind of date.

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