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Created On: 2019-11-19 Updated On: 2020-01-28

About mbackup-for-windows

mbackup is a file backup tool based on rsync. It supports backup a list of files and directories to local directory or remote ssh node. It has a default backup list that should backup important documents out of the box. Since mbackup is based on rsync, it supports incremental backup efficiently.

For more information on mbackup for windows, please visit

The README file contains usage and install instructions. This page contains MSI release and changelog.

mbackup-for-windows is designed for and tested on Windows 10. It is not tested on earlier Windows operating systems. If you wish to run it on earlier OS, please try run it and report back what's working and what's not.

Releases and Changelogs

  • 2019-11-30 v0.6.3.0
    FILE mbackup-
    SIZE 11MiB
    SHA256 3490bd40430b3b1236bdb91b0574714e648ee583b96136658447a7070e61158c
    • [bugfix] local-exclude file should be used when it exists.
  • 2019-11-23 v0.6.1.0
    FILE mbackup-
    SIZE 11MiB
    SHA256 4a1c821dcf4e189a97718a36c2c64bf464f6e6974ab5f7a2306d1b591f897d15
    • [feature] mbackup config files can be modified by Users group. Previously you have to edit those files with administrator privilege.
    • [feature] default .ssh dir switched from ~\.ssh to %programdata%\mbackup\.ssh dir. This allows mbackup to run for all users easily.
    • Because of these two changes, this version of mbackup should be used for trusted environment only, such as single user PC or family PC. It is not ready for untrusted multi-user environment. Administrator should not install mbackup in those environment for security concerns and user privacy concerns. This change is under review and may be reverted in future releases.
  • 2019-11-19 v0.5.2.0
    FILE mbackup-
    SIZE 11MiB
    SHA256 e570cf2675b3623f5c782611ec697a09b36689a8b8eca11c0543c8f36a5be959
    • First public release. mbackup works in console and in windows task scheduler.
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